Read through the whole of the New Testament in 2017

New Year is often associated with doing something which will improve our wellbeing in some way – dieting, stopping smoking etc. This year, it would be great if everyone could think about something which will help their spiritual wellbeing and relationship with God. Perhaps you find it difficult to be disciplined enough in reading your Bible? A reading plan has therefore been prepared which provides readings which will allow you to read through the whole of the New Testament in 2017. Daily reading schedules for the whole of 2017 can be obtained from
Margaret Moore

We invite you to folllow the readings from the plan - updated on a weekly basis.





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3rd - Matt 19
4th - Mark 10
5th - Matt 20
6th - Matt 21
7th - Luke 18: 15-42

10th - Luke 19
11th - Mark 11
12th - John 12
13th - Matt 22
14th - Mark 12