Photos by : J R Davidson

Pulpit Fall
Dedicated 10th May 2009

Christmas Banner
Dedicated 30th November 2008
Chancel Banner
Dedicated 22nd April 2007

Advent Banners - Dedicated 2nd December 2007

Chancel Banner
Dedicated 16th April 2006
Susan Whiteman - Pat Jones - Jean Hickford - Jean Burns - Margaret Clarke
Remembrance Banners
Dedicated 1st November 2009
Dedicated 18th April 2010
Set of Banners inspired from a list of favourite Hymns selected by the Congregation
Dedicated 8th May 2011
Alison McCubbin
Myra Baird

© Copyright Drongan the Schaw Kirk
Charity No: SC030714 (Church of Scotland)

Children's Banner
'I will make you fishers of men'
Dedicated 1st April 2012

Created by Drongan Makkers
with a little help from members of Super Sunday