Arrick Wilkinson on retiring as Locum
February 2015 - July 2016
Photos by : Anne Hope
Rev Douglas Moore - Rev Arrick Wilkinson
Margaret Clarke - Joint Session Clerk
Anne Hope - Joint Session Clerk :
Rev Arrick Wilkinson

Rev Arrick Wilkinson retired as Locum on 31st July 2016. Rev Douglas Moore will assume the duties of Locum Minister. from 1st August.

Our thanks also go to Jim Skinner, who retired as Interim Moderator on 31st July 2016, who has carried out these duties since the Schaw Kirk became vacant and will now spend more time at Alloway Parish Church, where he is an elder. This position is taken up by Rev. Jill Clancy, minister at Annbank and Tarbolton Parish Churches, who will be our new Interim Moderator from 1st August.
Mrs Clancy will preach at the Schaw Kirk next Sunday 7th August.


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