Photos by A E Hope
Photos by : A.E. Hope
© Copyright 2006 Drongan the Schaw Kirk
Charity No: SC030714 (Church of Scotland)

Graham Maule (well known hymn writer and mentor for Patna Waterside Church
under the "Chance To Thrive "initiative by C of S).

The C6 Group of Churches were instrumental in organising the latest Songs of Praise service which,
again, was held in Patna Waterside Parish Church.

The congregation that attended was a very fitting 80 - 100, made up with members and friends of the Group's home churches. Refreshments following the service were provided by C6 committee members

Eleanor MacMahon,
Interim Moderator.
(Patna Waterside)

Patna Waterside Parish Church
Sunday 30th October 2016