The history of Schaw Kirk began at the time of 'The Disruption.' - this is the term given to that period in the history of the Church of Scotland when great differences between the Church and the State were being voiced.

The Disruption itself took place at the meeting of the Church's Assembly on the 18th of May 1843. The breakaway portion of the Church gave themselves the name of - The Free Church of Scotland.

In this area of the country, for a year or so before this happened, meetings had been taking place. It's not surprising then that alternative arrangements for worship were already made, and from the first Sunday after the Disruption a congregation of this new Free Church met for worship in the open air, alternating between three farms until the church was built and duly opened on the 24th of March 1844.

Rev. Dr. Neil Livingston was the first minister ordained to the Schaw Kirk.

Differences between the Free Church of Scotland and the Church of Scotland were patched up over the years and the Schaw Kirk finally came under the banner of the Church of Scotland in 1929 when the congregation voted in favour of the Union.

When the expansion of Drongan village happened in the late 1940's, it was acknowledged that the Church should ideally be situated in the heart of the community, and not as it was at that time, - a couple of miles away.

It was during the tenure of the Rev G.L. Hunter that this did eventually happen and the walls were finally erected.

The Foundation Stone was laid on 6th July 1955 by Capt. Oliver Hughes-Onslow, and the Opening and Dedication took place on 14th Sept 1956. The ceremony being conducted by The Very Reverend E.D. Jarvis.

Nothing in life remains the same however and for the Church there is no exception. Financial burdens on Congregations, among other factors, set Presbytery the need to re-appraise the situation regarding non self-supporting Churches in particular.

The demission of the minister from Coylton coupled with the retiral of our own minister, Rev James S A Smith, gave scope for a linkage to be formed. This linkage came into force when the Rev Paul R Russell was inducted here in January 1992.

The latest chapter of our history began on Tuesday 22nd April 2008 in Coylton Parish Church where the Rev Dave Whiteman BD was inducted to this linked charge.

A book containing fuller information on the first 150 years of the Schaw KIrk's History can be obtained by contacting Jim Davidson -

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