Our fellowship will be more complete with your presence.
May you find peace and joy in worship together.
We offer a special welcome to any visitors who may attend

We are being led in worship today by our Locum Minister Rev. Douglas Moore.  Please let him know of any pastoral needs. Phone: 01292 671352 or


  1.  Today we will celebrate the Sacrament of Communion during our family service.  Our annual Sunday School prizegiving will also take place.

  1.  Bible Explorers Group.  Margaret apologises for not having been able to start this group sooner but due to her Mum's recent ill health, life was put on hold for a bit.  It's now felt best that this group will start in August when the schools return after the summer holiday.  Everyone will be welcome to come to the group.  It will not be a highly intellectual, academic Bible study, but rather a group of friends exploring issues in the Bible in a relaxed, informal way.  No-one will be expected to have an in depth Bible knowledge - we are going to meet to find out answers together.  So why not start taking a note of things in the Bible that for example puzzle you, encourage you, help you in difficult times or are favourite passages or verses.  We can think about these as we meet in the Bible Explorers Group.  Contact Margaret if you have any queries,<>

  1.  Thank you to organist Pamela Lockie for playing during the last 3 Sunday services while Christabel Poole has been on holiday.

  1.  Our annual congregational outing is on Saturday 9th September.  The bus will leave Drongan at 10am with a boat trip on Loch Lomond from 12.30 to 1.30, 2 hours at Loch Lomond shores, a tour of the church at Luss then high tea at Largs at 6.30pm.  £36 per person payable in stages.  List for names at back of church.  See Rena Robertson if you have any questions.

5.            Drongan The Schaw Kirk has its own Facebook page.  Please post your own church related news and photos on it.  Like and share all posts!

6.            Please join us for tea, coffee and a chat after the service at the rear of the church.



BARR/Dailly/Girvan South
Minister - Rev Ian McLachlan
Session Clerk - Mrs Sharon Trotter
Presbytery Elder - Ms Yvonne Davis

Pray for....
the work within the Church and its outreach and
mission in the community

Minister - Rev Stephen Clipson
Session Clerk - Mrs Gill Ward
Presbytery Elder - Mrs Gill Ward

Pray for....
the work within the Church and its outreach and mission
in the community