2nd April 2017
Service Conducted by
Rev Douglas Moore



Hymn:- CH4 111 Holy, holy, holy
Children's Address & Lord's Prayer
Hymn:- CH 4 186
Father God, I wonder
Prayer of Approach & Confession
Reading:- John 11: 1-19
Hymn:- CH4 87
Lord from the depths to thee I cried
Reading:- John 11: 20-45
Sermon Title:-
The hope of the Resurrection
Hymn:- CH4 596
Breathe on me, Breath of God
Offering & Dedication
(CH4 443 v 1-2)
Prayers of Thanksgiving & Intercession
Hymn:- CH4 551
In heavenly love abiding
Threefold Amen
(seated CH4 443 v4 )








Margaret Findlay
Anne Hope
Elaine Devlin
Sheena Bukhuth
Jean Burns
Margeret Weir
Lillian Simpson
May McKelvie
Rena Robertson
Myra Baird
Jean Chesworth
Anne Robertson
Gwen Rankine
Sheena Russell
The Guild

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